Newer sata controllers on CentOS 4.x and 'all-generic-ide'

I had recently to setup CentOS 4.4 on a Acer desktop machine. Problem was that this machine (acert T180) contains a nvidia nforce chipset that neither centos default kernel or nvidia nforce driver disk ( support ... Solution was to pass the 'all-generic-ide' parameter to the kernel ... it treats sata discs as ide but it works ... and performances seem roughtly the same ... tip : don't forget to give this parameter in grub.conf also so that your machine will reboot after the setup part ....

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Belgian eID card under CentOS Linux

I have to do a presentation for the next fosdem (24-25 february 07) about using the belgian eID card under CentOS Linux. I'm busy with Dag Wieers to build the (provided by the belgian gov) sources as rpm packages but we need to patch it because some sources contains hard-coded values (shame on them ...) . I'll post when everything will be ready and hosted at rpmforge

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Vmware server on Fedora Core 6

I had recently to setup vmware server on a Fedora Core 6 but i encountered some problems during the post-setup step : it complained about linux.h ... Workaround was to `touch /usr/src/kernels/`uname -r`/include/linux/linux.h` was happy after that file was created. This file was removed from the kernel tree for newer kernels and was searching this file ...

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Free EU petition ...

Why do i need to use M\$ windows and media player to watch some eu movies ? sign the petition too :

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About me

As already explained , i needed a kind of blog to write some of my linux experiences down .. that's all folks ...



  • Name: Fabian Arrotin (Arrfab)
  • Date of birth: 27 may 1976
  • Marital Status : Married , 3 children

Work Experience

working as a SysAdmin for the CentOS Project infrastructure

-M-team (14/05/2012 -> 15/11/2014)

Designing the infrastructure around the following products/technologies
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

* CentOS Linux

* IBM Hardware (servers and storage)

Evaluating migration paths for the installed base and minimizing downtime by using automation tools (kickstarts/config management/centralized authentication)

  • Sicli(01/04/2010 -> 11/05/2012)

* Systems Administrator (IBM servers and IBM SAN Storage solutions)
* Operating Systems maintenance (CentOS Linux and Microsoft Windows 2003)
* Network administration : HP Procurve l2/l3 - Vlans
* Virtualization : Citrix XenServer , kvm

  • IBS Technology & Services(15/10/1998 -> 31/03/2010)
    IBS T&S is the Premier IBM Business Partner in Belgium for the iSeries (formerly known as AS400) Platforms.
    I Work in the Networking team on Intel platforms : Designing and implementing solutions that meet the customer's needs. Previously i was implementing mostly Microsoft and Citrix solutions but now i try (and hopefully wins) to convince customers …

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Yep, another blog .... :o)

I hated really blogs in the past ... but i admit that sometimes i find something really useful but if i don't write it somewhere it will shortly being forgotten .... so this blog will exist only as a little browseable and searchable 'knowledgebase' regarding linux tips and tricks ... but don't count on me to explain what i eat on morning or the color of my socks .... :)

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